Perspectives Ireland offers world-class science-driven training in Psychology. Working as academics and clinicians, we realised that organisations and professionals were struggling to find psychological training that was genuinely driven by, and based on, scientific concepts. It became apparent that the scientific model that we helped to create provided precision-based training that isn’t available in mainstream psychology. Our training provides professionals and organisations with an in-depth analysis of the psychological processes that comprise mental awareness, mental ill-health and work or achievement-related performance. Our consultancy and training services are best suited to organisations such as those providing mental health services and training, educational institutions, large corporations, and professionals seeking to further develop their clinical training.

“Perspectives Ireland have revolutionized my understanding of human behaviour. The training has added incredible precision to my work and helped me to thoroughly connect heart and head in the therapy room”

- Lieve Bruyninx (Psychologist)

The co-directors of Perspectives Ireland, Yvonne and Ciara, have worked together since 2006 and have built a strong professional and personal partnership. They helped to shape the scientific model that now drives the work of Perspectives Ireland and based on this they have developed Process-based Behaviour Therapy (PBBT), a new form of psychological therapy. Perspectives Ireland reflects the warm and thorough relationship of its two directors and their joint passion to give the best to their clients that the field of psychology has to offer.

We are an ACE Provider

We offer BACB CEUs for our Behaviour Analytic Courses