Learn More about the ACT Training Series

After the phenomenal success of their ACT Masterclass workshops, Robyn Walser and Yvonne Barnes-Holmes have joined forces to produce a world-class therapy training series. 

Across seven modules, Robyn and Yvonne demonstrate their stunning therapeutic skills and clinical insights across a diverse range of clients.

Topics Include: 

  • Overcoming Hurdles in the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Walking the Experiential Path of Creative Hopelessness
  • Unravelling the Story
  • Helping the Therapist who is Stuck
  • Working with Complex Clients
  • Combining ACT and RFT

What you will learn from this Training Series:

  • How to do ACT with precision in a truly experiential way with a range of clients.
  • A deeper understanding of ACT techniques that will enhance your knowledge of how and when to apply them.
  • How to create a therapeutic relationship that is a vehicle for behavioural change.
  • How to embed powerful clinical analogies and metaphors within your interventions.
  • How to use RFT concepts to give you direction on your ACT interventions and increase precision.


399 euro for one years' access


39 euro monthly one-year payment plan


"The ACT Training Series is a real treat, and a must, for clinicians looking to sharpen their clinical toolkit. Across the sessions, we get to witness complex concerns we regularly encounter in therapy, compassionately and skillfully worked on by two masters of their trade, Robyn Walser and Yvonne Barnes-Holmes. The analysis at the end of the sessions by each clinician enabled me to understand the sequence of interventions and the rationale for these, explained with precision and clarity. The final session includes an analysis by both Robyn and Yvonne, helping us to straddle both ACT and PBBT in a same case. Just golden! Thank you Robyn, Yvonne and everyone who participated, for helping bring to life ACT PBBT and therapy the way it should be done!" (Emma Waddington, Psychologist)

"For me it is a perfect way of mastering my skills. To see your beautiful work in practice." (Yvonne van Dun, Psychologist)

"This course brought me a better understanding of ACT, RFT and PBBT. It has added depth to my work with my clients. I lost being with my client at their pace, doing the dance with them; knowing when to lead and when to follow. I think every therapist should understand the basics of what they’re doing with their client and why they’re doing it. This course gave me more clarity on that. I want more precision in my work with my clients, so I want more of this because as complex as it is, it’s as fascinating." (Annick Seys)