Course Contents

These training videos contain 4 sessions of PBBT conducted with a live client who explored personal issues with Yvonne (the therapist). The videos have been used as part of PBBT training worldwide.

What the Training Offers?

  • The videos show PBBT in action with a live client across five consecutive sessions.
  • The training illustrates how the PBBT case formulation closely directs the clinical dialogue and interventions.
  • The training demonstrates how analogies and metaphors are precisely tailored to an individual client and ongoing clinical interactions.
  • The videos demonstrate the strong connections between PBBT and the therapeutic relationship.
  • The training is designed to help you generate your own clinical style while using PBBT.

How will the Training Benefit your Clinical Practice?

  • The training gives you a working insight into PBBT that can be translated into your own clinical practice.
  • The training contains analogies, metaphors and exercises that you could use immediately with many of your clients.
  • The training allows you to engage in PBBT or select aspects of the therapy that will add to your existing clinical skills.
  • The training will add precision and sophistication to your clinical analysis that will in turn sharper your clinical interventions.

Who the course is for?

The course is best suited to psychologists, therapists, coaches, and other mental health service providers.

Course Content

  • Four sessions of PBBT with a live client
  • Commentary sessions (in which the content of each session is discussed in terms of the PBBT)
  • A post-therapy interview with the client

Cost: 299 euro.

Format of the Course: Self-paced online course with 6 months access.