PBBT is a recently developed form of trademarked psychological therapy that can be used with the full range of psychological problems, even the most individualistic. The therapy is entirely based on cutting-edge behavioural science and specifically on clinical applications of Relational Frame Theory (RFT). PBBT has been developed over a period of ten years by Yvonne and Ciara based on thirty years of their combined experience as researchers and clinicians.

PBBT provides a comprehensive understanding of how a sense of self can be compromised by psychological processes and offers clear guidance on how these processes can be re-directed toward growth and well-being. The therapy draws its interventions from a diverse toolkit which are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the specific problem. It has been used with clients and groups across a broad spectrum of psychological difficulties and has also been employed in organizational and professional contexts.

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What will Participants Learn?

  • The basic concepts of PBBT and how these are strongly tied to cutting-edge developments in Behavioural Science.
  • How to understand complex clinical behaviour in a way that provides direction for behavioural change.
  • To accurately and precisely define psychological processes and identify these operating in individual clients or groups.
  • To track which behaviours reflect specific processes so as to better understand problematic and obstructive behaviour.
  • To show greater precision in modifying behaviour in a healthy, workable direction and to facilitate resilience in future behaviour.
  • How to apply PBBT to a case, based on examples.

How the Course will Benefit your Clinical Practice?

  • The training will enhance your understanding of a client’s situation and behaviour by adding precision and sophistication to your analysis.
  • The training will sharpen your case formulation and allow this to closely direct your clinical interventions.
  • The course offers clear directions on how to deal with complex clients and areas in which clinicians may find themselves stuck.
  • This will allow multi-disciplinary teams to share a common focus on understanding and changing client behaviour while maintaining and high level of clinical precision.

Who the course is for?

The workshop is best suited to psychologists, therapists, coaches, and other mental health service providers.

Cost: 449 euro or 6-month payment plan at 80 euro per month.

How long do I have access to the course? You will have one years' access to the course.

Format of the Course: Self-paced online course with one year access plus course notes.

CEUs: 7.5 BACB CEUs Available

Clarifying and Enhancing

"The training was the most clarifying and I must say enhancing ever and I can honestly say that I have reflected on PBBT everyday since"

Incredible Clinical Outcomes

"The crystal-clear focus on formulation and translation into clinical practice has helped generate profound shifts in my ability to perform careful and effective functional analyses and use these to create powerful intervention procedures in-session"


"My only wish is that this had been available when I first trained to be a psychologist"

As its founders, Perspectives Ireland are the only trainers worldwide of PBBT, ensuring a high level of quality and competence in its training and delivery. We provide training and clinical supervision in PBBT worldwide in multiple formats including online training, short courses, webinars, experiential retreats, and in-company training. PBBT compliments training in a multitude of professions, including Psychology, Psychiatry, Nursing, Social Work, Coaching, and Teaching.

Nonetheless, the PBBT model also lends itself to the types of behavioural issues that companies, organisations, and training and educational institutes deal with regularly, including Employee Assistance Programmes, Interview Boards, Human Resources, Interpersonal Relations, Team Building, and Burnout.

Course Curriculum

  Course Notes
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  Module 1: Introduction to Process-based Behaviour Therapy (PBBT), behaviour analysis and functional analysis
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days after you enroll
  Module 2: Introducing the concepts of updated RFT, focusing on relating, orienting and evoking (ROE)
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days after you enroll
  Module 3: Analysing Relating and its key role in the Client’s Story
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  Module 4: Analysing the Behavioural Functions of the Client’s Story
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